Expert Roundtable 9th March 2017 6pm QMUL- The Arab uprisings six years on: rethinking the EU’s role


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Trumps’ presidency, Brexit, Russia and Turkey’s role in the Syrian conflict are some of the many challenges facing the European Union (EU) in the Middle East and North Africa. This expert panel will evaluate the EU’s achievements six years after the Arab uprisings and its future prospects as a foreign policy actor. The panel will also debate the need to rethink the EU’s global role and influence.
Is the EU still a meaningful actor in the MENA region? Should European foreign policy-makers adopt novel ways of engaging with actors in the region? Is the EU’s Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy fit for purpose? The roundtable will aim at drawing a set of lessons for future actions in the region.


Bill Park (King’s college) will discuss the EU’s position vis-a-vis the changing nature of the Turkish regime as well as given Russia’s and the USA’s policies in the region. Francesco Cavatorta (Laval University, Canada) will elaborate on the new role played by Salafist movements in the region. Michelle Pace (Roskilde University) will discuss the limits and constraints of the EU’s ability to affect the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The roundtable will be moderated by Sarah Wolff from Queen Mary University of London.


Queen Mary University of London
Peston Lecture Theatre, Graduate Centre
Mile End Road
E1 4NS
United Kingdom


Thu 9 March 2017
18:00 – 20:30 GMT

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