Religion, Secularism and the French presidential elections

France is proud of its secularism. But religion also influences voters.

In an election that has frustrated that traditional split, religion could end up being a confounding, rather than clarifying, force, according to an article in the Washington Post. Dr Sarah Wolff comments that with debates over the integration of Muslims playing out over matters of public dress and activity, a “typical liberal view of laïcité” [secularism] may leave vulnerable citizens unprotected. She argues that Macron may have to take a more controversial stand. “What is needed is a critical approach to adapt laïcité to current times. Laïcité as equal conditions for all citizens to practice their religion,” she adds.

The full article by Isaac Stanley-Becker is available here


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  1. Hlaoua Hlaoua says:

    Mabrouk Sarah, je via le lire, si tu veux je peux t’envoyer un draft sur la question de la diffuculté de gestion de l’islam de France pour le nouveau président, tu complétera et tu le traduit en anglais? une tribune de 3 pages Qu’en penses-tu?Je profite d’un matériel de terrain, comme je travaille actuellement sur la question de formation des imams et les mosquée, puis sur la question du marché halalBien à toiAziz

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