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  • Wolff, S. (2014). ‘Integrating in Justice and Home Affairs: a case of new intergovernmentalism par excellence?’. In: Bickerton, C., D. Hodson and U. Puetter (eds) European Politics in the Post-Maastricht Period: States, Supranational Actors and the New Intergovernmentalism’ Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Wolff, S. (2014). ‘Mobility and Migration in the Maghreb Sub-Saharan African Region: Political and Legal Challenges for the EU’. In: Gstohl, S. and E. Lannon (2014) The European Union’s Broader Neighbourhood: Challenges and Opportunities for Co-operation beyond the European Neighbourhood Policy, London: Routledge.

Work in Progress

  • Wolff, S. (2012). Translating the internal-external security objective in the Mediterranean neighbourhood. EUISS Paper.
  • Wolff, S. (2012). EU Security Practices in the Mediterranean, Redux? Paper presented at LSE Workshop on the Arab Spring on 20 January 2012 and at the ISA 2012 San Diego Conference.

  Book Reviews

  • Wolff, S. (2014). Questioning Secularism: Islam, Sovereignty and the Rule of Law in Modern Egypt by Hussein Ali Agrama, Journal of Church and State, Summer 2014

  Book Chapters

  • Wolff. S. (2012). ‘La gestion integrada de las fronteras de la UE despues de Lisboa. Contrastando politicas y practicas’ in: Zapata-Barrero, R. y X. Ferrer-Gallado (2012). Fronteras en movimiento. Bellatera

The EU's Lisbon Treaty

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